Saturday, October 14, 2017

Poetry Prompt #49: A Text Message Poem

This one should be fun and easy!

Write a prose poem in the form of a text message.  Each message should include the next line and / or stanza, or paragraph (depending on how you wish to write it). 

Make casual use of language here, as if you were really just conversing with a friend.

Here is an example of my own to get you started:

Jenny Had a One Night Stand

Sent (2:27) I did it tonight, I really did it.

Sent (2:29) I was just sitting there smoking a cigarette, legs crossed, fiddling with my drink like a regular old bar maid when he approached me.

Sent (2:32) He asked me to dance and I pushed my head toward his face, really close like people do when they can't really hear.  Only, I could hear, I was just trying to flirt.  He was a cute guy.  A nerd.  The sort you'd find dousing their bran of comics at the corner of Barnes and Noble.  His vintage tie was totally hipster, not to mention the glossy seventies look to his plaid pants.

Sent (2:35) He was just my type, and so I insisted.  I said to him, "I was never much for dancing, I sorta just sway.  But I got this cool place right around the corner and my roommate is away...."

Sent (2:37) The rest is really history.  Honestly, I can't remember much after the vodka and juice.  Only the Dear John letter he left.  He said I was the best.  He said he had to get back to his wife this morning, to excuse his lack of manners.

Sent (2:43) Are you there Meg?  Are you listening?  I didn't even get his name!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday First Line Poetry #1

Hello folks!

Welcome to Friday "First Lines."

I created First Line poetry prompts years ago to aid in my creating writing forays.  You can find that initial first post HERE.

How It Works:

Each Friday I will provide, for you, a first line.

This is to be the very first line of your poem, story, etc.

As stated, you can create any type of writing so long as THIS is the first line.

Feel free to alter the first line to fit your exact piece if writing, if you must.  However, I usually try to keep it as it is.

.....And The First Line For This Week Is:

"October, silver slide-show of my poets' dreams, beckons me"

Photo Provided by NASA's Picture of the Day

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday Word List #1: Van Morrison Inspired

Welcome to our 'Thursday Word List' prompt!  Some people call them 'wordles' or 'word banks,' but here at Pink.Girl.Ink. we refer to these simply as 'word lists.'

How It Works:

EVERY THURSDAY, I will select a list of at least 10 words (sometimes more).  I pull these words from a favorite literary piece that has inspired me. Usually I pull these words from another poem.  I always provide the title of the piece, as well as the author, unless you want to go read it for yourself.

The idea is to take those 10 words and create a new, unique piece of writing of your own.

I love word lists/wordles because  they allow me to use words I don't often use, and those new words encourage fresh concepts and ideas for my poetry.

The Word List for this week is selected from the beautiful lyrics by Van Morrison as they appear in his song titled Astral Weeks.

Word List:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday Photo Prompt #1: Lunar Phase

Welcome to yet another new addition to our site.

Come each Wednesday, you will find a new photo for your writing inspiration.

Simply gaze at the photo for a few moments and allow it to inspire a piece of writing.

As always, this prompt is fit for any type of writing, from flash fiction to poetry to journal prose. 

Anything goes.

Photo from Mark Tegethoff, Courtesy of Unsplash